The Bad Elf Generator

  • Click/Tap/Space to generate a new 5e Race.
  • If the window doesn't fit your screen try hitting the fullscreen button in the bottom left.
  • Download the .exe for copy-to-clipboard abilities. The .exe is just better in general and I wish you would use it.
  • There's a mute button on the bottom right, sheesh.
  • I don't promise that any of the elves are good or balanced. They may be more or less balanced with themselves. If you're trying to come up with 5e Races, this might help inspire, unstick, or distract you. Have fun!
  • Post some good Bad Elves in the forums!
  • This is Homebrew. I don't own anything.
  • Made by @RealKevinCole


Download 3 MB

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